Fix-it bicycle station installed at Carrier Park

April 2, 2013

A newly-installed bicycle fix-it station has made its debut at Carrier Park, a central location for Asheville’s bicycle community. The station, located near the bridge that crosses the park’s popular “Mellowdrome” track, provides tools, a repair stand and bike pump that cyclists can use to fix a flat or make adjustments.

Rachel Reeser of Asheville on Bikes stops by the new bike repair station at Carrier Park.

“This location just made perfect sense,” says Barb Mee, says city Transportation Planner Barb Mee. “Between the park, the greenway, the track and people commuting along that route, this is an area where you see a lot of people riding bicycles.”

The station is the second such tool kit in the City of Asheville. The first was installed at the Clingman Avenue roundabout last year. That stretch of road is a major commuter corridor for bicyclists, and, as Mee puts it “That’s a long walk uphill if you have to carry a bike.”

Each station includes a hex key set, several different sizes of wrench, flat and Phillips head screwdrivers and a tire lever. The station is designed so that riders can mount their bike on the stand before performing repairs.

The fix-it stations are part of the City of Asheville’s commitment to supporting multi-modal transportation options and collaborating with the community. Multi-modal transportation is a strategic goal of Asheville City Council and, alongside pedestrian and transit opportunities, bicycle amenities are an important part of supporting that goal.

To receive more information about the City of Asheville’s bicycle initiatives, contact

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  • 1. Bike C2C  |  June 28, 2013 at 9:46 am

    It’s good to see cycle facilities being introduced and maintained throughout the city

  • 2. Dawn  |  June 30, 2013 at 12:20 pm

    Great to see these! Kudos to the city for putting them into place to encourage more biking. Please continue with these!

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